Monday, August 3, 2009

Crazy people who make people want to go to hell.

I attented Rock the River Tour a couple of weeks ago in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Bands such as Flyleaf, Red, Hawk Nelson, Mary Mary, and others performed. The event was put on by Franklin Grahm. It was an awesome experience. Jesus was there.

But then, there's these "christians" standing out side with signs and big mouths screaming at people walking by about how God is not pleased with them because rock music is of the devil. Yeah, that makes since, because Flyleaf, Red, Hawk Nelson, and Mary Mary all have satanic meanings behind their lyrics. You know, and they don't reach out to millions of young people on a daily basis, or share the love of God through their music. So clearly it must be of the world.
Well guess what! The internet is of the world, smart ones. So maybe you should reconsider uploading your stupid videos because it might send you to hell. Do yourself, and everyone else a favor and just log off. You give Christianity a bad name. You give Jesus a bad name. You give love a bad name.

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