Monday, October 19, 2009


A.K.A. The Dinosaur, That Old Thing, Mrs. Jink, etc.

I am convinced that her mission in life is to make me miserable.
I if I hear, "take out your grammar work books and turn to page XX" one more time I might kill myself. Might I add that this is all said in the strongest southern accent imaginable.
WHY DOES SHE MAKE US READ SO MANY STORIES ABOUT DEATH?! I mean jeez! We've read like 7841287 stories since the begining of the semester and they all revolve around death. Maybe she feels she can relate to them since she is old. I don't know. But its driving me nuts!
Oh, and by the way. THE KID'S NAME IS TYLER! NOT TY! He does not wish to be called Ty. That is not is name. It's really not that hard to figure out. TY-LER! TWO SYLLABLES!
ugh. I might not make it through one more class period.

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